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Granbury Directories


GBWD Master Suite Platform

When you list with us you get the following benefits:

  • Listing is SEO'd to show in search engines results
  • Granbury main city of targeting, want to target more
  • Link up your website and share across all social media
  • When you save your listing it is an immediate listing
  • Best cost in the area, many additional features available

The reason you would pay to list in our directory over Google, Bing, or Yahoo. When you list with us you will still show up in those search engines once they index you in our directory. You can also still list with them.

The difference comes when you want to also show up in other cities but either have to pay a designer to do this or wait for the search engines to list and hope you get top listed. 

You get 5, 30 or 50 cities to list in depending on your budget. You keep your main listing for the city your business is in and add 4 more if you have paid for 5 or more if you have paid for more. This where it gets better.

You control this, which is targeting. When you want to to target some different cities with your product. You log in and change it and then save it that simple. No waiting for the search engines. It happens right then. When a business is looking for you they can find you. The key here, spread the word and tell others so they can also benefit from these services. Sign up on your own from the compare memberships page. You can also upgrade anytime.

Our Hosting Provider is Granbury Web Hosting which is now Cloud Based!

The Top Ranking we enjoy as Granbury Directories here in Granbruy is due to the design team at Granbury Web Design. Our excellence is attained through solid customer service, superior quality web design to deliver your advertisements in our directory to which is not just local but statewide and superior web hosting from Granbury Web Hosting . Your listing in our directory gets top SEO listing and our servers have a 100% uptime, monitored 24 x 7 x 365 by onsite staff. The data center is a secure SAS 70 type facility which meets even government standards for hosting.

  • Cloud Based Web Servers right here in Granbury!
  • Cloud Based Mail Servers right here in Granbury!
  • Cloud Based Data Servers right here in Granbury!
  • Cloud Based Media Streaming right here in Granbury!
  • Cloud Based VPS - Enterprise right here in Granbury!
  • Cloud Based Applications right here in Granbury!
  • Cloud Based Storage right here in Granbury!
  • Cloud Managed Hosting right here in Granbury!

As an added bonus you also get a FREE listing in this new directory which is directly tied to Texas Mobile Directory a new state wide city directory when Granbury Web Design puts together your new website or redesigns what is not working. This is nice exposure for your business.